Milk Crate

Milk Crate #95

G’day mates! Welcome to Milk Crate #95! We’ve got not 5, not 6, but new and amazing songs to add to your favorites playlist.

What’s that? You have no idea what Milk Crater, let alone Milk Crate #95, is??

Let me educate you. Milk Crater is a music blog with a charitable twist. We firmly believe that we can change the world through the simple art of sharing dope new music. To prove our hypothesis, we donate money to Direct Relief International each and every time someone listens to music on our site. Pretty nifty, huh?

So without further adieu, I present Milk Crate #95!

(PS: Sometimes YouTube videos don’t load the first time because the internet is magic. If you see a blank entry, refresh the page.)

1“Coach” – Gestures & Sounds

Genre: Alternative

I’d like to start by saying that this video is fantastic. Now that that’s out of the way, the song is pretty awesome, too. First of all, I love songs with self-referential lyrics (listen for the one about the chord change). Second of all, if Brand New, Panic! At the Disco, and Something Corporate (3 of my favorite bands from youth and all time) had some sort of 3 band-parent love child and wrote a song, I think “Coach” by Gestures & Sounds would definitely be it. Dark, yet playful, “Coach” will have you singing along with the rest of the band in no time.

2“Run Run” – Rachel West

Genre: World Pop

Rachel West is the hero that we need, but that we don’t deserve. Though you may think this is the first you’ve heard of her, you are likely mistaken, as she has performed with artists like Tinashe and Young Thug, and written hits for many others. With the release of “Run Run,” I think it’s about high time she gets the recognition she deserves. The upbeat and relentlessly positive song and video, rife with African visual and musical influence, is the dictionary definition of phenomenal. But don’t take my word for, have a listen for yourself.

3“Wooden Bridges” – Faultlines

Genre: Country/Folk

I know that nowadays, many people instantly shut down when they hear the word “country” in a genre description, but don’t be that person. The trio that is Faultlines is redefining what it means to be “country.” Sassy and fun, “Wooden Bridges” is a full-on “sorrynotsorry” to an ex-lover/friend who royally screwed up (I assume). The harmonies are “on fleek” as they say, the clever moments of silence are smile-inducing, and the musical talent is out of control. Very excited to hear more from Faultlines.

4“Dusk Til Dawn” – Lejon

Genre: ElectroPop

Let’s bring it back just a tad for this one. UK-based duo Lejon, who you may remember from their cover of the Biebs that we featured not long ago are back! This time, however, they’re bringing something new to the game. Their original single “Dusk Til Dawn” combines so many amazing elements that I don’t even know where to begin. There’s a solid 80s synth feel in the vocals and much of the instrumentation, which is always a good time. The overall production is very reminiscent of Disclosure or Odesza (though decidedly unique from both of them). Not to mention, that the guitar solo in the breakdown is entirely unexpected yet entirely enjoyable. If this is their first single, I can’t wait to see what Lejon has in store for us next.

5“Dog Walking Backwards” – Readership

Genre: Indie

Don’t let the raw and gritty sound of Readership fool you, this power-pop-rock outfit knows exactly what they’re doing. Their newest single “Dog Walking Backwards” is 2 solid minutes of insightful lyrics and powerful, persistent power-pop. Not only is this song a whirlwind of excellent, it turns out Readership likes charity as much as Milk Crater does. “Dog Walking Backwards” is one single off of a split-release record being released by The Art is Not Dead, an arts non-profit based in Philadelphia. That means when you listen to Readership on Milk Crater and then go buy their album on Bandcamp on Aug 20, you’re saving the world twice.

6“Where Are Ü Now” – TOYO x Kindred Rework

Genre: Electronic

I know what you’re thinking. You have heard the original of this song so many times you could probably sing it while you sleep or even when a bunch of Biebs’ fan-girls are shrieking in your ears. But allow me to introduce you to the TOYO x Kindred rework of “Where Are Ü Now.” I don’t want to give too much away, because, like you, I also thought it would be only marginally different from the original, and I loved how pleasantly surprised I was that it was SO MUCH different and SO MUCH better. But just know, that TOYO and Kindred have completely turned this track on its head and the results are insanely good.

7“Years of War (Porter Robinson Cover)” – rederic ft. Matt Ferree

Genre: Chill

I will admit that I approached this cover hesitantly. Porter Robinson is one of my all-time favorite artists and I’m weirdly defensive of his music. I’m pleased to announce that rederic and Matt Ferree have given “Years of War” a VERY different sound compared to the original, while maintaining the integrity of the original. Their cover is a beautiful rework that reimagines the song as what can only be described as a synth-pop-ballad. Everything from arpeggiating piano to warm strings to steel drums to the fantastic vocals throughout, take the listener on 200 years of musical enjoyment.

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