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Premier: “Never Enough” by Dave Nachmanoff

When previewing Dave Nachmanoff’s stellar upcoming album, Spinoza’s Dream, I kept circling back to “Never Enough.” It felt as though the sound had its own gravitational pull and I was caught in orbit. The track brilliantly melds folk traditions with an array of vintage rock flavors, setting the stage for Dave to weave a story. If you are at all familiar with Dave’s work, you know that it is in the role of storyteller that he thrives.

Here’s what Dave had to say about “Never Enough” -“This is the only song here that was not written specifically for the album.  I wrote it in the 80s, but as the original lyrics were trite, I set it aside and forgot about it. However, I always liked the music.  So I asked Al Stewart to rewrite the lyrics and he came up with new verses which made the whole song much more interesting.”

Set to release in May, Spinoza’s Dream pays homage to a particular philosopher with each track. It seems only fitting when you consider that Dave has a Ph.D in philosophy from University of California, Davis. Combining his innate musical talents with his line of study is a natural next step in his progression. This spring Nachmanoff will also be doing his first solo European tour to promote the new album.

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davenach · Dave Nachmanoff – Never Enough
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The Small Square Pens Beautiful “SML”

There is a quiet fragility and deeply personal tone to The Small Square’s “SML”. Simple without the need or use of frills, “SML” puts solid songwriting at the forefront of the equation.

To be honest, I had this song on the shortlist of my favorite songs of the month a couple of weeks back and it got lost in the shuffle for absolutely no good reason. A day ago, it re-emerged and I fell in love with it’s tender familiarity all over again. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Write this down and hold it close! That’s what I’ll be doing from here on out.

The Small Square self-released their album in the US this past January. The duo, originally from Champaign, IL is now based in Hyogo, Japan and Menomonie, WI. Paul Chastain (Velvet Crush, Matthew Sweet) and John Louis Richardson (Tommy Keene, Gin Blossoms) self-recorded the album in a 120-year-old barn in Wisconsin, an apartment in Osaka, Japan and points in-between. Pick up a copy of their album on Bandcamp here.

The Small Square · SML

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Emily Afton’s Gorgeous Music Video for “Severing the Knot”

Running a music blog, I am blessed with a fairly constant stream of new music recommendations from friends and loved ones. Being incredibly tasteful people, their recommendations nearly always hit the mark. Occasionally my friends go above and beyond pointing me in the direction of a new artist that really blows me out of the water.

I was blindsided by the emotional powerhouse that is Emily Afton and her music video for “Severing the Knot.” Set on a somewhat surreal beachscape, Emily spins a tale of burned love that has run its course. “Severing the Knot” has a tangible weight that pulls you down and a harsh loneliness that expands inside of you. Out of this comes absurd beauty.

Emily Afton is currently touring with Third Eye Blind.