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Tycho Reshapes “The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive” With Ambient Remix

If you’re an instrumentalist or ambient fan and you haven’t heard Tycho, today is the day for a perfect first impression. Below is an electronic flavored remix of Death Cab For Cutie’s “The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive.”

Get a taste of what the San Francisco native artist is all about musically and visually. Catch them on tour while they’re in the West if you can – here’s the schedule.

Now on to this not-so-unorthodox atmospheric remix. Tycho bids adieu to the crunchy guitars and steady drive of the song, replacing the [super awesome] DCFC groove with loads of half-time and vintage synth texture to complement the song with just the right amount of preserved space.

Death Cab for Cutie · The Ghosts of Beverly Drive