“Monsters” – Danforth Hill

Easy acoustic listening dribbled over a kick-the-can/Citizen Cope drum style. Feels a bit like a rough sketch of something The Beautiful Girls would have...

“Why Me” – Prohaize

Thanks to Prohaize, the better days have arrived. They caught the wave in and road it out alongside that piano extro.

“The Joy” – iamlex

Let those strings whisk you off your feet. "The Joy" is where it's at!

“Call Me Wild” – Martin Baltser

"Call Me Wild" opens with this fabulous mechanical sound of searching. It probes as though desperately calling out for another soul to connect with....

“Luckyy” – Lazy Tiger

A lush and immersive sound that pulls you in like quicksand. Feel free to throw this one on a loop!

“My Sunshine” – Dogcatcher

I had a bit of trouble deciding which song off of Dogcatcher's latest album to toss up here. After a bit of a kerfuffle,...

“Your Name” – Bernache

I almost don't know where to begin! This song has so many layers. As each is peeled back, they reveal something a bit more...

“Nobody Wants to be My Baby” – Bird Concerns

A rumbling indie rock song that ambles along the hardwood floor and nestles itself on patch of mismatched carpet. It's not perfect, but therein...

“After Life” – Torandaga

"After Life" kicks off on an effervescent note, reminiscent of fireflies whizzing about. The transcendental bliss is quickly tempered by a healthy dose of...

“Choices” – PatrickReza

The prolific PatrickReza seems incapable of disappointing. Bubbly and energetic, "Choices" bounces off the walls and stays light on its feet.

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