“Actually Smiling” by Geotic

If you were to somehow lie down horizontally inside of fragmented light...it might sound a little something like this. Maybe...we aren't 100% sure what...

“Dream You Up” – PLGRMS

A tad experimental. A smidge industrial. A mite jungle-y. Entirely gooey (as in Glass Animals-esque, not like brownies).
Ashley Wallbridge Undiscovered

“Undiscovered” – Ashley Wallbridge feat. Karra

It's been a while since we've had some solid trance featured here on the ol' Milk Crater. Today's trance-alicious song comes to us from the...
Two Friends Just Hold On

“Just Hold On (Two Friends Remix)” – Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson

I don't know if I will ever get used to Two Friends' ability to take an already phenomenal song and somehow inject it with...

“The Joy” – iamlex

Let those strings whisk you off your feet. "The Joy" is where it's at!

“Luckyy” – Lazy Tiger

A lush and immersive sound that pulls you in like quicksand. Feel free to throw this one on a loop!

“Choices” – PatrickReza

The prolific PatrickReza seems incapable of disappointing. Bubbly and energetic, "Choices" bounces off the walls and stays light on its feet.

“Growing Up” – Phil Good

A powerhouse track from a new talent, "Growing Good" manages to capture the sheer confusion and strange sense of stubborn empowerment that comes with...

“I Think I Love You” – Cody Crump

When I'm writing a Milk Crater post, I almost always train my focus on the music. I usually don't even mention the love and...
Third Party

“Live Forever” – Third Party

It's important that, when things seem scary, you find reasons to be positive and keep on, keepin' on. Right this moment, my reason is "Live...