Milk Crater was a music blog with a charitable twist in operation from 2015 to 2018.

Over three amazing years, we poured our love and energy into sharing great music with the world. We created hundreds of Milk Crates (like playlists but with a more fun name) and reviewed hundreds more tracks. We even had the chance to interview Grammy winning artists and meet personal heroes. In all, our posts reached 70,000 music lovers around the world. To say it was the time of our lives is to belittle how much fun we had. In the words of Macklemore, “We danced, we cried, we laughed, and a had a really, really, really good time.”

One of the reasons Milk Crater was so special was our charitable twist. We weren’t just grooving to music for the hell of it. We were grooving to make the world a better place. Every time someone listened to a song on our website, we donated to charity. Over the years we donated to Dear Jack Foundation, Music in Schools Today, Unicef, and Direct Relief.

We have decided to keep the site up so that new music lovers can keep grooving in our absence. Happy listening 🙂

Hearts for days,

Milk Crater