“Just On Drugs” – Yoshi Flower

“Just On Drugs” kicks of with a futuristic synth that places you squarely in the cockpit of a rocketship. There’s this immediate sense that something big is about to happen. It’s a fitting place to start Yoshi Flower’s second song. Yoshi is on rocketship of his own after his debut track, “Movies” blasted through the 300k streams mark on Spotify without missing a beat.

“Just On Drugs” is a promising second look that (in my opinion) is even catchier than the first. It finds moments of euphoric release amidst a woozy head high of a track. Now…the world holds its breath for the next track. It’s going to be hard to top the first two, but hey…he hasn’t taken a single misstep yet. We’re all rooting for him.