“Episode” – Spazz Cardigan

It should first be pointed out that Spazz Cardigan is a strong contender for best band name ever. “Episode” is easily Spazz Cardigan’s best release to date. That’s coming from a huge fan of his 2017 album I. “Episode” feels a bit more polished and gravitates towards the Jon Bellion style of beat-heavy, genre-ambivalent pop music.

Favorite line: “You and I got better things to do than just get stoned and watch cartoons, but we don’t care cuz we can’t move.” (Seems to perfectly capture the Netflix experience, no?)

Digging it? You can support the man himself and purchase it on iTunes or stream below.


Episode, a song by Spazz Cardigan on Spotify

Spazz Cardigan – Episode (Audio)

Written by Spazz Cardigan + Tony Esterly. Produced + mixed by Tony Esterly.

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