“Undiscovered” – Ashley Wallbridge feat. Karra

It’s been a while since we’ve had some solid trance featured here on the ol’ Milk Crater.

Today’s trance-alicious song comes to us from the legendary producer Ashley Wallbridge, along with some vocal help from the lovely Karra.

In my opinion, a solid trance song should not only have a discernible and evolving melody, it should also tell a story that’s evocative and easy to follow. “Undiscovered” can check both of those boxes off with no problem.

From the very beginning we’re treated to Karra’s beautiful voice as Wallbridge slowly builds the musical tale beneath her vocal poetry. The production is absolutely on point, building and dropping at perfect spots, and with enough discretion to prevent it from becoming repetitive.

If you’re looking for some upbeat electronic music to put a smile on your face, look no farther.