“Just Hold On (Two Friends Remix)” – Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson

I don’t know if I will ever get used to Two Friends’ ability to take an already phenomenal song and somehow inject it with more phenomenal-ness.

Once again, this is the case for the latest collaboration between Louis Tomlinson (formerly of 1D) and Steve Aoki (formerly of probably throwing a cake in your face).

Designed to be anthemic and inspirational, the original track will give you lots of upbeat and happy feels. The Two Friends remix does a solid job of slowing everything down a bit, which allows you to really appreciate the lyrics without losing the aforementioned anthemic quality. In a song written to reflect the need to take things in stride, creating a chill-ish remix is exactly what was needed, and Two Friends absolutely nailed it– as always.

Think this is awesome? Of course you do. You can catch Two Friends on their upcoming tour, and you can also catch them at both weekends of Electric Forest, which I can say from experience is one of the greatest festivals in the entire world. I’ll see you there (Weekend 1)!