“I Think I Love You” – Cody Crump

When I’m writing a Milk Crater post, I almost always train my focus on the music. I usually don’t even mention the love and labor heaped into the video accompaniment. It’s not right! So today, I thought I’d change it up and show the folks behind the camera some love.

Beneath the pleasant and airy exterior of the track lies a deep well of energy. Filmmakers Connor Mccurdy and Derik Smith recognize this and hold it as the focal point of their film. In a colorful display of frenetic release, they mirror Cody Crump’s beautiful “I Think I Love You” to a T. Hats off to the film team on this one.

If you like what they are about (and you should!), I highly recommend you check out Derik Smith’s Kickstarter page for Flash Concerts. He is raising a modest sum of money to take their talents on the road.

To learn more and visit the Kickstarter page, click here. If you toss a few dollars their way you can officially call yourself a patron of the arts. Who doesn’t want to add that to the resume?