“Paris” – The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have had a hell of a year. Gone are the days of “Selfie” and come are the days of chart-topper after chart-topper like “Closer,” “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” And if you don’t know any of these songs I don’t even know what you’ve been doing with your life.

Their newest song is no exception to their apparent rule of “always only write kick ass music forever.” What’s best about “Paris” is that it takes a slight departure from the sound many would associate with The Chainsmokers– heavy drops, big bass, etc. One might almost call “Paris” somewhat…soft-spoken? Whatever word you want to use to describe its mood, this song is oozing with sincerity while still making you want to dance….dance-erity.

I’ll see myself out. Enjoy!