Milk Crate #114: Pismocean Festival – Part 1

Pictured: Pismocean Fest Accommodations

Summer is coming to a close, and dreams of a beach vacation are likely fading in possibility. But fear not! The inaugural Pismocean Festival is here to give you one last hurrah at a vacation in paradise with the added benefit of dope live music.

Pismocean Festival
Dat Lineup Doe

Perfectly nestled between Halloween and your 3 day Veteran’s Day weekend, Pismocean Festival is exactly how you should recover from your All Hallow’s Eve ragefest. Sand, surf, sun, and live music are the perfect elements for a weekend somewhere in between relaxation and partying hard.

To get you hyped af (and hopefully getting yourself a ticket) Milk Crater is going to feature some of the phenomenal artists that will be helping you get your groove on with the sand between your toes.

Not sure what Milk Crater is? Let’s get you up to speed. We believe that we can change the world through the power of music discovery. That means every time you listen to awesome new music on our site, we donate money to Direct Relief International. Yep. Find new music and save the world, all at the same time.

Without further adieu, here are the first 4 artists you definitely shouldn’t miss at Pismocean Festival. Hold on to your hats, folks. Things are about to get funky.

1“Elysian” – SAAND

Genre: House

Given the venue for Pismocean, SAAND’s name is just about the most fitting it can be. LA-based producer, Michael Sandler (who goes by plenty of other pseudonyms) has been widely renowned as an artist and a tastemaker. One listen to his most recent release “Elysian” and you’ll understand why. The evolution of his sound is deliberate without being too slow, and dynamic without being too aggressive. Hie ethereal sound will surely get your body moving while the waves crash around you.

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2“Watermelon Jam” – Orphic

Genre: Glitch Funk

Described as producing “different dance-inducing genre fractals,” Orphic’s set is likely to leave you exhausted in the best way possible. Filled with classic guitar riffs and funky beats, Orphic’s beats are the definition of high-energy and groovy (and I mean that last word in a completely unironic sense). While I’m a relatively new convert to the musical menagerie that is Orphic, this Detroit-based artist’s set is high on my list of must-see’s when I hit Pismocean.

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3“BABBLE ON” – Piel

Genre: Indie

Time for a little Indie music, eh? Where Orphic has funk and SAAND has dream-like beats, Piel has solid Soul influence. Upbeat and passionate, her music has a quiet intensity that can be felt viscerally. While not overt or even pronounced, the percussion is subtly relentless and drives the entirety of this particular tune, “BABBLE ON.” With a sultry voice and moody tones, this Los Angeles based artist is certain to be one of the most talked about sets of the weekend.

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4“Nyoka” – Soluzion

Genre: Groove

It was hard to choose a genre to list for this track by Nyoka, a band based in Topanga Canyon, California, which is well-known for its collective community of artists. Not surprisingly, their sound reflects their roots, because much like the people of Topanga Canyon, Nyoka’s sound is astoundingly eclectic. Pulling in influences from an almost unquantifiable number of genres, listening to their music is like taking a trip around the world without ever leaving your room. Bottom line: don’t miss this set.

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Stay tuned for more coverage, and don’t forget to grab your tickets for Pismocean before they sell out.