Q&A with Bassh: Alt-Rock’s New Promised Land

When penning an intro to a Milk Crater interview, I usually try to impart a sense of impending importance. I attempt to convey my enthusiasm for a new act worthy of your immediate attention. Occasionally the band is so good that their music does a lion’s share of the work for me. Enter Bassh.

Their single “Body was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Billy Reynolds of Band of Horses. If that’s not an early tip-off, I don’t know what is.

With an ethereal texture that grounds itself in distinct vocals and catchy hooks, “Body” is (unsurprisingly) enjoying a rocketship of success. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the subtle notes of MGMT all over this. Give the single a spin and then learn a bit more about Bassh before they take over the airwaves.

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MC: Where did the name Bassh come from?

Bassh: It’s about fighting and partying like our recording process and live shows. We work hard to get shit to sound right so we can enjoy it and throw it down hard for our fans. The extra “s” was added to make it easier for people to find us on the worldwide web and social media.

MC: What was it like working with Bill Reynolds? What’s his process?

Bassh: He’s a gentlemen and a bad ass at the same time. His process is to listen and get inside the song and find its core and go from there. “Body” has been incredibly well received, even locking in some airplay on NPR!

MC: What radio stations did you listen to growing up?

Bassh: Yes, it’s doing very well on radio, which is wonderful. I listened to BBC Radio 1 growing up.

MC: Do you still listen to traditional radio? If not, how do you consume new music?

Bassh: I use Spotify playlists a lot and Shazam stuff on tv shows and movies.

MC: If you could co-write a song with anyone, who would it be? What would the song be named?

Bassh: I’d write with Leonard Cohen and it would maybe be called something like “Tied To Mast.”