Songs in the Key of Wine Part 6

How have we burned through half of a year already? You know what they say time flies when you are sipping on Vindie Wine and listening to good music!

The fifth installment in Sonoma, CA-based Vindie Wine’s monthly playlist series, “Songs in the Key of Wine”! Vindie Wine pairs emerging indie artists with fantastic wine to bring you a unique wine and music discovery experience in every bottle of Vindie you purchase. In addition, Vindie Wine donates a percentage from their sales to Sweet Relief, a charity that helps musicians in need. By supporting Vindie Wine and listening to music on Milk Crater, you can discover new music to love and support charities that make a difference. Vindie Wine is happy to be guest curating this monthly series featuring 10 hand-picked songs from upcoming, independent artists to be enjoyed ideally with a glass of wine in hand. Cheers!

Track List

“Fine as a Vine” by Kendra McKinley
“He Sings” by Trudy and the Romance
“Feel4U” by Sunni (Colon)
“Motions” by AUDeGO
“Eventually” by Wingtip
“Slow Down” by Vokes
“Worry” by Rogan & re:tract feat. Isobel Helen
“Bitter Medicine” by tanukichan
“Pas de Deux” by Brenda’s Friend

Thanks for listening!
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