Q&A with Funeral Suits: The Future of Irish Rock

Funeral Suits’ new “Tree of Life” music video finds absolute brilliance. Endlessly creative, the song’s sound evokes a welcome and readily approachable twist on Animal Collective. Buried amidst blips and surges of energy, layers of humanity’s dark and greedy underbelly are peeled off relentlessly. The result is the Irish four piece’s greatest work to date. If you are familiar with the group, you know that’s no small feat.

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Brian and Darragh from Funeral Suits took a few minutes to catch up and fill in a couple of blanks.

MC: How did the name Funeral Suits come about?

Brian: Mik was working in an office where a suit was a must. He was toying with the idea of having Suits worked into the name. Around the same time, Arcade Fires’ “Funeral” was released which he adored. As we all did. So Funeral Suits just fell into place.

MC: What do you hope people take away from “Tree of Life?”

Darragh: We want people to look at our music however they want and to take from it what it spoke to them when they heard it first. It’s so powerful, and can open great conversation between friends or on online forums when people have slightly different ideas on what a song is about and it’s so subjective, if one person has a certain thing going on in their life they may take strands of a track that reach out to them and fit it with where they are at that time and another person could take that same track and have a completely different view on it. I guess that’s what we want, for people to open up and have these conversations.

MC: You worked with some incredible talent on this track – Jochen Schmalbach (Rammstein) and Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, M83), what was their process like?

Brian: Really Amazing to be honest. Jochan is a fantastic musician as well as producer, so the process of bringing our demos to life was made easier. He understood our vision for the record from day one. Recording an album can be challenging, so to have someone of his talent on board was very rewarding. With Ken, the list of artists with which he has worked is breathtaking. His work speaks for itself. As for their process, it just falls into place after a while. You can reach a stage where you are asking yourself ” What is going on here?”. Lost in the process, in the deeps of it all. At the end of the line you have this really cool record that we are all proud of and the process doesn’t matter, what counts is the you get there.

MC: If you could co-write a song with anyone, who would it be? What would the song be called?

Darragh: There’s an endless list of people I would love to write with! Maybe Thom Yorke. He is an incredible artist and has written some of the best songs of our generation. It would be fantastic to see how he works as get an insight into that side of his art. The track title would be something Thom and I would have to discuss!!

MC: If you could wave a magic wand and solve one of the world’s problems, which would it be? Why?

Darragh: To solve only one is cruel, I sat here for an hour trying to think and it cannot be done. There is no one problem worse or better than the other in this world. I know it’s hypothetical but to choose one would almost be more harmful than to not at all. If there was someone with that power and they sorted out one problem they would leave billions of others asking why they weren’t “fixed” impossible question to answer.

MC: Do you have a favorite song or album of the moment?

Brian: I’m going to say the latest offering from Radiohead ” A Moon Shaped Pool ” . They have been a massive influence on me for a long time, especially their last few records.

MC: What’s next for Funeral Suits?

Brian and Darragh: To get out and play to as many people in as many places as we can.


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