Q&A with Lautlos

Milk Crater was lucky enough to bag a few minutes of Lautlos’ time and pester him with questions. If you aren’t a full convert of the genre-splicer’s work, I highly suggest you start the intriguing process of combing through his SoundCloud page. Here’s one of my favorites to get you started 🙂

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MC: Where does the name Lautlos come from?

Lautlos: Lautlos is actually a German word that translates to “silence or lack of sound” in English. I was introduced to the word by listening to the group Arms & Sleepers who coincidentally also happened to be one of my main influences for creating electronic music. When I heard their song ‘Lautlos’ it tugged at my heartstrings in a way I couldn’t describe. Having never heard the word before myself, I was unsure of its origin but could tell that it wasn’t English.

After some research on the Internet into the word lautlos and it’s meaning, I decided I wanted that to be my moniker for the style of music I had started to create. In my head, it made a connection since I was creating music without words – there was a sort of silence within my creations although they were of course still vibrating. Silence is just as powerful as music and I feel that the name was a perfect match for the vibe I’ve created and am still attempting to perfect with each passing day.

MC: How did you first get your start with music?

Lautlos: My first instrument was guitar. My parents started me on it when I was about 6 or 7 years old. During my formative years, I was in lessons but never practiced the material my teachers gave me and would go off to just learn songs I enjoyed or try to make my own. My parents eventually took me out of the lessons and I didn’t pay much attention to the guitar again until middle school. I was playing guitar every day by the time I was in high school and I taught myself a few other instruments along the way.

I was completely unaware to the existence of electronic music until about my junior year of high school. On top of that, I didn’t even know I wanted to create electronic music until after I graduated from high school. I would have never even imagined that I’d fall so deeply in love with electronic music and the technology behind it as I am now.

I first started creating electronic music as RastamanLucas (I was a dumb teenager) in late 2011 with a MIDI keyboard & Pro Tools. I hadn’t a single clue what I was doing but I had fun. Lautlos was birthed in 2012 when I acquired a Native Instruments Maschine & Ableton Live Suite.

MC: If you could co-write a song with anyone, who would it be?

Lautlos: Teebs. If anyone who happens to read this doesn’t know of Teebs, I implore you to check his music and art out. The man is a genius.

MC: Would you rather write the greatest song in the world, but no one gets to hear it? Or a good song that get‘s heard by millions?

Lautlos: Being the type of person I am, I’d choose the greatest song in the world that no one gets to hear. I’d definitely have to share it with my close friends though. J

MC: You win the lottery – what’s the first thing you do?

Lautlos: Buy my parents a new house so that my father can retire.

MC: If you could give young musicians a piece of advice, what would it be?

Lautlos: I’d talk their ears off and they’d probably hate me for it. To keep it short and sweet, always stay true to yourself. That’s the most important thing you need to do as a creator of any sort.

MC: What’s next for Lautlos?

Lautlos: I plan to continue growing and creating as Lautlos until the day I die. I’m working on getting more live shows lined up and I am going to be starting a debut album for the project within the next year which I would very much like to get pressed to vinyl for its release. Ultimately, I’ll be around in some way, shape, or form and I’ll always be creating.