Premiere: “Be With Me” by Tim McNary

There is an almost cultish desire to find companionship and understanding baked into Tim McNary’s new song and video. It pulls you into an all-consuming trance, but my amazement with the tune doesn’t end there. “Be With Me” finds a sense of distinction that stretches far and wide with deep flowing emotion typically reserved for artists with an arsenal of releases under their belts. Tim, a Nashville (by way of Atlanta) artist, is set to release his second EP, Above the Trees, on April 8th.

Here’s what Tim had to say about the video:

“The making of this video included the collaboration of a collection of talented family and friends over 7 days. Criss-crossing Nashville, shoot locations included Love Hill at dusk, The Parthenon with the 42 foot goddess Athena, the ruins of an old car lot on Murphreesboro Pike, and a McDonald’s parking lot on Gallatin Pike.

My brother Evan McNary (CRFT SVCS), shot and directed the video. Hanging all week and sharing our art forms was unforgettable. We took some risks during the shoot, but not once did we get in trouble for trespassing. It’s a community of artists, and it seems like everyone is in this together including the police and local merchants.”