Let Cardiknox Paint You a Portrait

There isn’t much to say about the incredible new album that just dropped courtesy of Cardiknox, so I’ll keep this short.

Portrait is a picture of near-perfection. Lonnie Angle’s vocals are powerful and evocative and Thomas Dutton’s punk background takes what could be strictly Cyndi-Lauper-80s vibes and transforms them into, at the very least, Joan-Jett-80s vibes.

I don’t know if that last sentence got across exactly what I was trying to say, so I’ll rephrase:

Cardiknox kicks ass. Listen to their album. Now.

For a quick preview, here is one of my favorite tracks from Portrait: “Supermodel.” Every time you listen to this (or any) song on Milk Crater, we donate money to Direct Relief International— You get new music; people around the world get things they need to survive. What’s not to love?

Thanks for listening!
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Get the 5 Star Rated album from Cardiknox on iTunes, then make sure to follow them on Soundcloud and Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.