Smooth Hound Smith Impress with “Stopgap Woman Blues” Video

Zack Smith and Caitlin Doyle form the all-encompassing duo that is Smooth Hound Smith. Zack covers guitars, harmonica, drums, and vocals (yes, all at once) and Caitlin supplies the angelic harmonies and shimmery tambo. They are the avant-garde wonder-team from yesteryear’s dive bar that kept you around for another round or ten. On a work night.

Sweet Tennessee Honey is their newest album. Every song is fantastic, plain and simple. It’s cohesive, with a comprehensive full-circle thread that ties every song together. Well deserving of the the rare “put it on, listen to every song all the way through” medal.

On top of the envy-demanding talent and gently growling grooves Smooth Hound Smith lay down, the video for “Stopgap Woman Blues” reaffirms that I have two left feet and can cross “get out-danced by a dog” off my bucket list.

Here’s their tour schedule, because who wouldn’t want to see these two perform?

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