The Record Company’s “Off The Ground” is Bona Fide Blues Rock

Here is a fresh new dig from The Record Company. Perfect for rocking out to while you spin around in your seat waiting for that 2:30 feeling to wear off and that 5:00 happy hour to swing you low into that sweet evening chariot.

I’m going to avoid the flight puns this time around and model the article after the song: no frills. It’s rock. It’s blues. Think John Lee Hooker, The Stooges, and The Rolling Stones.

It’s modern, and it doesn’t attempt to be anything it’s not. They started recording in a living room, hanging mics and using a garage-sale drum kit. It takes a serious talent to make stripped-down blues rock sound this good.

Give It Back To You is The Record Company’s current album. Order it via their websiteiTunes or Amazon. They’ll be touring in March and April — see if they’re going to be near you.

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