Quick Q&A with Austin’s Duncan Fellows

Duncan Fellows at Stubbs

In case you missed it, we happen to be huge fans of Austin’s Duncan Fellows. After blasting their tune “Coffins” from the mountain tops and slapping the highest stamp of milky approval on it, we were lucky enough to snag a couple of minutes with the fivesome. Perched on the cusp of breakout success, here are their words of wisdom:

MC: What are the biggest influences on your sound and how has your approach to music changed from those early college years?

DF: In the sense of musical influences, we love the rowdiness of Kings of Leon’s early works, the harmonies and arrangements of Animal Collective, the catchy guitar hooks of the Strokes and the simplicity of tunes by Jackson Browne & Dylan – to name a few.

The more we played, the more we discovered what we liked. So during the early college years our songs were soft and gentle – but more recently everything has more energy and vitality to it. It’s just more fun.

MC: What was it like to sell out Stubb’s?

DF: Badass & surreal. It’s cool to see people physically enjoying the music as opposed to just hoping that someone somewhere likes what they hear.

MC: If you had a chance to co-write, who would it be?

DF: The Beatles. It may seem like a cop-out – but it’s the truth.

Now that you have the scoop, enjoy another one of our favorites from Duncan Fellows. Every listen equals a donation to charity. If you feel like earning your hero points for the day, help spread the word about the best (and most fun) way to help save lives – discovering new tunes!