Best of Indie Electronic Part 1

Photograph by Oscar Keys

You’re a hip person. You love yourself a synthesizer, but despise dubstep wobbles that call themselves dubstep wobbles. You’d rather your wobbles lapse and wash like a wave over your face. There’s no need to be so aggressive with your wobbles. Just be chill. Oh, and you like to dance. You like to bob your head a bit, and at times throw in a disco move just to keep things spicy. You are an indie electronic fan and there ain’t nothing that’s gonna bring you down.

This is the playlist for you. It’s part one of the best of the best indie electronic out there (in my humble opinion).

Every time you listen to a track on this playlist (or anywhere on Milk Crater) we make a donation to charity. By living out your dream and dancing to this playlist, you are literally helping save lives. Rock on.

Track List

“Nest” by Half Waif
“Zimt” by LissA and prod. by Mazde
“Fire” by Jack Garratt
“Too Close” by Alex Clare (White Cliffs Remix)
“Slow Burn” by Andrew Grant
“Secrets” feat. Tashka by Dugong Jr
“Sands” by Alex The Flipper
“Matadora” by SOFI TUKKER
“When You Loved Me Least” by Michl
“Florida” by The Range