Let’s All Keep Fight Night In Our Hearts

Perfectly blurring the line between 2 musical worlds about which I am very passionate, Josh Grant and Andy Gruhin of Fight Night have found their way into my heart with their new single.

Went looking for a touching “You’ll Be in My Heart” gif, found a gorilla head-butting a baby…not disappointed.

Keep Me in Your Heart catches your ear from the very first beat and holds on tight until the final vocal run, where it leaves you wanting more. On the journey, the duo explore electronic beats that toe the line into the world of trap, and venture into melodic and lyrical realms that are reminiscent of some of my all-time favorite bands from a decade ago. Think: Brand New, Story of the Year, The Used, etc. Though the description may seem like a bizarre combination, I can assure you that they’ve merged the 2 worlds seamlessly, and built themselves into a lesser-explored genre (EmoDM, perhaps? We’ll work on it.) that I can’t stop listening to. On their experimental collision of musical worlds, they say:

Every artist wants to have their cake and eat it too. However, there is a fine line between making the music that you love and being successful. Outside pressures will say that you need to change your sound to fit into a trend. In spite of these forces being so potent and hard to avoid, we have figured out how to keep those pressures at bay: by creating a force of our own. Fight Night is [us] in our complete authenticity.”

The track in question, Keep Me in Your Heart, is part of their debut release of Underground EP and is featured as their first single. Check it out below and remember, every time you listen to a song on Milk Crater, we donate money to Direct Relief International. You can save lives by discovering new music. How dope is that?

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