We Were Made to Love Dan Owen’s New Song

Dan Owen Made

Dan Owen’s live performance of his new song “Made” is simply spectacular. Dan first caught my eye a few years ago when his rendition of Little Red Rooster went viral on YouTube. Needless to say, I was instantly and extremely impressed by his sound and skill. Thankfully, Mick Fleetwood also noticed and felt the same of Dan Owen, taking him under his wing and growing him as a musician.

“Made” reassures us of Owen’s capabilities as a bluesy singer-songwriter. It’s an overwhelmingly emotional song that can push some to tears. I couldn’t be more awed by this piece. It is so hauntingly beautiful in so many indescribable ways. It’s definitely a song that’ll leave a lasting impression, and a song to listen to after the lasting impressions of love dwindle and turn into pain.

You can keep up with this legend-in-the-making on his website here.

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