V05 Dance it Out with Barbie and Ken on “The Disco Haiku”

The Disco Haiku

From the opening seconds of V05’s “The Disco Haiku” music video, I was smitten. It is a rare thing that a band’s heart and soul shines so brightly through all aspects of their creative output. Shamelessly embracing the lighter side of life with a formula that is equal parts disco, dancing and bizarre, V05 have struck gold.

“The Disco Haiku” is featured on their debut album, Dance Originality. The release marks their tenth anniversary and celebrates a successful run and plenty of critical acclaim garnered as a live band.

Only driving my love for the band even deeper into the endless well that is my heart, the band’s make up proves every bit as eclectic as one might expect from a band obsessed with all night dance parties, funk, disco, barbies, theatricality, and outrageous costumes. The band includes two famous playwrights, a brave firefighter, a renewable energy guru, a wind-power engineer, a best-selling ornithologist and engineer, a wise doctor, and two celebrated actresses.