Future Myth’s “Little Voice” Screams Post-Rock and Whispers Relaxed

From their debut EP Flashbulb Memories, Future Myth brings us “Little Voice” with an unhurried inflection that tells us in one song what to expect: “The EP illustrates the ties that bind us to our youth, balancing somber moments of longing and vibrant flashes of self-reflection.”

This song happens to embody the spirit of the album via the wistful half-time intro that bounces right into the ethereal Coldplay-esque guitar riff, which in and of itself is a flashbulb memory. It tells a story, reminding us that “even our best and worst memories are susceptible to distortion.”

Future Myth offers up the type of story we love to tell and be told, conceptually weaving musical and thematic ideas into one little gem of a song with a big voice.

Give it a listen below or visit their bandcamp page to stream the rest of the album.