Blue Healer’s “Luminescent Eyes” Casts Synth Light On Basement Rock

The undulating, Coachella vibe had me thinking these guys were out surfing, got inspired, walked the half-mile from the Malibu ocean front to their sunset-over-the-water bungalow and tracked this in one take.

Boy was I wrong. They’re Blue Healer, and they’re from Austin, Texas.

Members David Beck, Bryan Mammel, and Dees Stribling form the trio that has successfully fused swirling synth and glittery guitars in what is an overall basement-indie groove referred to as “pop music with teeth.” Visit their awesome website for some quality entertainment, tour details, merch, and more.

“Luminescent Eyes” in particular fits any occasion like a well-tailored suit on 007 at an Aston Martin photo shoot. Check it out: