Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade Hit Home with “Carpenter”

Wesley Jensen is a family man. He has three kids and full-time job.

Memos is the name of the soon to be released album. The origin is simple – Jensen used the memos app on his phone to write most of the album. However, rooted below the five-letter surface grew a sentiment that he didn’t expect:

“The turning point came in the middle of creating this album when my uncle got sick [and passed away]. It evolved from a very cynical, complaisant collection of my everyday thoughts into wanting to turn that all around and focus on the good in my life. Not only did it make the songs better, which in turn made the album better, but the experience also made me realize that I should be doing what I love.”

“Dying young, and doing so with such an admirable grace and peace about him was really inspiring to watch. This song in particular is about my last interactions with him, turned into a desire for some sort of spiritual peace that he had and I didn’t.”

The family man revealed. Via Jensen’s toggle between artist and provider, we get “Carpenter.” In one song, we’re exposed to the internal markings of what really composes a family man: an abundance of love, grief, maturity, and ultimately — resolve.