Calling all Americana Fans – Hear Jake Loban’s “Chasing Fire”

It’s a story about love.

Scratch that. It’s a shoot-em-up vilification of love straight out of an Eastwood film. Jake Loban shrouds this aching, open desert road anthem in enough slide guitar, tremolo, and single coil jangle to make any Americana fan want to giddy up.

Loban doesn’t give too much away. Who/what is the antagonist? Therein lies the artistic genius of the song, which wrangles us in with mystery and lets us narrate firsthand just exactly what that fire that burned us over and over really is. A woman? A man? The sun because you forgot that SPF 100? Doesn’t even matter. You’re over it.

This song, the first track we’ve heard from his self-produced upcoming album, draws from Jake Loban’s roots as a California rambling man. A testament to the highway spirit (and all the hard work that comes with it) has characterized him as a lone wolf artist with plenty to offer.

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