“The Bull” by Jack Berry – Best Enjoyed With Bourbon and Disdain

Char up a steak and enjoy the sound of amps about to explode while devouring the driving nature of Jack Berry’s newest release, “The Bull.”

The sound is gritty and tight – as straight up rock should be. Jack Berry has it down. The hooks & riffs cement themselves in the song like a bomb shelter. There’s a magnetic aggression in the way he delivers the chorus melody that earns a solid head nod while maintaining its haunting dialect.

Nashville based, Reno bred, and with several on-the-rise merits (including Blues Rock Review’s #2 album of 2013, Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2013, and slots at North by Northeast and SXSW), Berry is making a well-deserved named for himself as a no frills, heavy southern rocker.

Berry’s forthcoming LP, Mean Machine is due this spring – and like a bull, we’re sure the album will leave us floored, but ultimately exhilarated.