Lil Dicky Talks Halloween, Facial Hair, & Dance Moves

While attending Snowglobe this past New Year, I had the opportunity to briefly sit with Lil Dicky (aka David Burd) and chat about just what it is that makes him Lil Dicky. If you aren’t familiar, here’s a quick track to get you up to speed.

After grossly underestimating the effect of being 7000+ feet above my normal altitude, thinking my cabin was much closer than it was, and falling on my ass no less than twice, I arrived sweating profusely and panting from oxygen deprivation…and most likely looking like a ratchet Snow White.

Pictured: The approximate journey from my cabin to Snowglobe

I eventually found LD’s manager, Mike, and instead of calling security on my busted self, he led us to the interview area where we had the chance to sit and chat for a bit. Being the professional that I am, I pulled out my phone and began chatting while searching for the record function on my phone. After a few minutes of frantic button-pressing, I finally got it, and the official interview could begin. Enjoy!


(Idle chat while I locate the record button and the questions I had crowdsourced prior to the interview)

SG: So no Lion King live ever huh? It’s a good one.

LD: Yeah… I feel like it’s a bit gimmicky at this point.

SG: How long ago did you release that?

LD: About 2.5 years ago? It’s like the earliest form of me.

SG: Oh really? It just came to my attention a few months ago and it’s hilarious.

LD: Thanks

SG: So “Lil Dicky.” Where does that come from?

LD: It just kind of came into my head one day when I got my first Macbook Pro and I didn’t think anything of it. I was just playing around with Garageband at the time not thinking I was going to be a rapper. Then 3 years later when I decided to actually become a rapper, I made a list of names in a Word document and I didn’t think anything beat that.

SG: And Lil Dicky just…

LD: It really encapsulates what I’m about.

SG: Got it. So there’s an Instagram account called “Drake on Cake” where people write Drake’s lyrics on cakes. If you could have your lyrics on one thing, be it a pastry, be it a dessert, be it anything else. What would it be?

LD: Probably the breast.

SG: Like a chicken breast… or…?

LD: No the female breast. I think so, If you’re giving me anything. Any object.

SG: Haha. Just wanted to clarify.

I awkwardly try to find the conversations in which I crowdsourced questions to ask LD so he has a quick exchange with his manager, Mike.

LD: I’m so concerned about the altitude. I get so tired during festivals.

MM: Dude you’re such a hypochondriac. Like, there should be a show where you’re a hypochondriac character living the rapper lifestyle, that would be such a funny thing.

LD: You’ll see. I’m gonna puke up there.

MM: And I’m gonna laugh so hard…you’re just gonna pass out. (Laughs)

SG: I’m hoping that doesn’t happen for your sake. Getting your mind off of it, what was your Halloween costume?

LD: I was superwoman.

SG: Did you have the beard and everything?

LD: Yep. Yep yep yep.

SG: Speaking of your beard, will you participating in mustache march?

LD: No I’m pretty precious about my beard. I don’t know that I’ll ever shave it. It’ll have to take a pretty important movie role.

SG: That sounds fair. It’s a great beard. So, you’re quoted as saying you’re not leaving the rap game until you’ve proven your point. What point are you trying to prove?

LD: You know, that evolves. I would say that I don’t even know what that is yet. I’d say that the biggest point is that you don’t have to be, like, this super cool persona to be considered a cool rapper. I think it’s, like, you can really be your fundamental—Well I guess my goal is to be more my fundamental self than what you normally see, and prove that that can be super successful. And that you can be funny and that it can still be real rap, you know what I mean? There are a few different points.

SG: Right so it doesn’t have to be all about bravado.

LD: Right. To me, it’s even cooler when it’s self-deprecation. To me, it’s like flipping the status quo and telling everyone “hey, you’ve been doing it backwards.”

SG: That’s deep. Obviously being able to laugh at yourself is super important.

LD: Exactly.

SG: So if you could be stuck on an island with any rapper, who would it be and why?

LD: Probably… Drake. Yeah. He’s my favorite rapper so I feel like he’d just like, rap, and I’d be appreciative of him rapping, and we’d rap to each other back and forth…tell each other great stories, hang out, you know.

SG: Right, and hopefully there’d be cake with lyrics on it.

LD: Hopefully.

SG: So I was asked to inquire about your favorite dance move.

LD: Uhh I like the whip, from the whip and the nae nae.

SG: So you like the whip, but not the nae nae? Any particular reason?

LD: Just who I am. I am very comfortable whipping (demonstrates), the nae nae is just foreign to me, like I don’t really know…it’s not right for me.

SG: I feel that. Well, it’s about show time. Kick some ass out there, and make sure you toss a couple whips in there for good measure.

Everyone will be pleased to know that, at least from what I saw, Lil Dicky neither vomited nor passed out on stage, but he sure put on a hell of show. If you want to check it out yourself, find his tour dates here.

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