Song of the Day – “San Diego” by Hinds

The foursome from Madrid, Hinds, has come crashing onto the scene with enough energy and fervor to light the whole DIY scene on fire. That’s saying quite a bit for a scene that prides itself on sweaty mosh pits.

Like every great garage band before them, they’ve carved out a sound that is catchy, emotion forward and unafraid to color outside the lines. On Hinds’ newest release, “San Diego,” they get their hands dirty, soaking them in lo-fi buzz and slathering harmonies across the top. It’s the mix of this chugging drive and carefully orchestrated slapped together vocal sound that makes Hinds pop. One without the other could be any garage band, but the combo creates some real sparks.

The world is anxiously awaiting Hinds debut album, Leave Me Alone, set to release via Mom + Pop Records on January 8th. They are set to tour Europe starting in January and should be heading back to the US with a tour around the time of SXSW.