Ashley Wallbridge & SDS Release an Epic Track in Honor of Our Veterans

For all the jokes people, including Americans, make about good ol’ ‘Murrica, this is a mighty fine place to live. To thank for this, we have millions of men and women throughout history who fought and died for our ability to make the aforementioned jokes. Without the service of many brave individuals, we wouldn’t be the country we are today where we can freely criticize our elected government officials (including their hair), protest things we don’t agree with (like those damn red cups), and bear arms for our protection.

Pictured: A man who knows his second amendment rights!

While there is no shortage of good ol’ fashioned patriotic music to honor our great country and the folks who defend it, it’s all very….America….if you know what I mean. Acoustic guitars, maybe some banjos, lyrics reminiscent of freedom, and democracy, and democratic freedom– they all embody what it is to write a patriotic song.

Well, whether on purpose or by complete serendipity, Ashley Wallbridge, SDS, & Anki have released a remix of a track called “Lullaby for a Soldier [Arms of the Angels]” that is dedicated to the brave men and women who fight to defend their country. Though it might not be about America specifically (Wallbridge originally hails from England), the message is clear.

The lyrics are beautiful. The drop is a straight-up ethereal banger, (I know ethereal things are usually peaceful but go with it). The real cherry on top though, I must say, is the Revolutionary War-esque snare drums that appear about 2/3 of the way verses. Absolute chills. Enjoy– and Happy Veteran’s Day!

Thank you to all of the soldiers past and present for keeping America safe, from all of us here at Milk Crater.