Totally Trance Tuesdays: 10/06/15

Good evening, and welcome to the very first edition of “Totally Trance Tuesday.”

“What is ‘Totally Trance Tuesday?'” You ask? Great question!

Every Tuesday, Trance/Prog House Producer Gareth Emery broadcasts the world’s best one hour of music ever in his show “Electric For Life.” As an avid listener who has repeatedly informed his co-workers that this most holy hour is off-limits for meetings, I feel compelled to take Gareth’s message of peace, love, and face-melting to the highest mountaintops and shout it for all the world to hear!

Or I’ll just share a couple of my favorite tracks from the week. Depends on how lazy I’m feeling.

1The “Oldie-Turned-Newie”

Mom’s go-to drunk karaoke song from 1967 reimagined for 2015

2The “Shamelessly Trancey”

Sometimes words aren’t necessary

3The “Radio-Friendly”

You can say you heard it before it was cool

4The “All About That Bass”

Eardrums are overrated

5From the EFL Vault


Pictured: You right now

Check back next week for more uplifting, face-melting goodness!

Electric For Life is on every Tuesday at Noon PDT and is guaranteed to be a good time, so block off your calendars and look really busy so your boss doesn’t bother you. Also, Gareth Emery might be coming to a city near you to play an uninterrupted 5-6 hour set. Don’t miss out!