Jim Lauerdale Teaches the Kids a Thing or Two on Soul Searching

    In the midst of the soul revival, spearheaded by the likes of twenty-somethings Leon Bridges and Anderson East, two-time Grammy winner Jim Lauderdale is making a strong argument that the newcomers still have a thing or two to learn. Lauderdale recently released a soulful double album, titled Soul Searching that will have you tossing your cell phone aside as you dig for your old concert lighter.

    Over the course of Soul Searching’s 26 songs, it is apparent that Lauderdale has amassed an encyclopedic knowledge of blues and rootsy soul. Having written or co-written every song on the album, he leans heavily on a brand of Americana that cross-pollinates across genres. The result is a record that freshens up music with an old soul and breathes new life into Americana.

    Old dog’s don’t Need to learn new tricks, they just Need to mix and match a couple of the older ones.

    In a fitting homage to the greats, Lauderdale recorded both volumes in venerated chapels of musical history. Vol. 1 Memphis was recorded at Royal Studios, the roosting place of Willie Mitchell and birthing grounds of several Al Green hits. Vol. 2 Nashville was recorded in Nashville RCA Victor Studio A. The same Studio A that has seen Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and Roy Orbison walk its hallowed halls. You can hear the reverence paid across both albums. This is a man who loves music history almost as much as he loves music itself.

    Do yourself a favor, grab a copy of Soul Searching. Your ears will thank you.